Robert Blake Net Worth- From Hero to Zero

After proved guilty for his wife’s murder in 2005, Robert Blake’s life has changed drastically majorly his bank account. Robert is a very well known American actor and famous for his performance in the movie, In Cold Blood, and the television series, Baretta. He has been on screen from the age of six and since then contributing and making a name in the entertainment industry for almost half a century. Let’s look closer to the actor’s life and unleash his net worth.

Robert Blake has a net worth of $3million

After a series of financial losses and according to recent updates, Blake is estimated to have a negative net worth of $3million. Even though building an impressive career and becoming one of the top 90s actors, he hit rock bottom after his criminal trial.

Blake has successfully built an award-winning career for himself by working in roles like Tony Baretta in the television series, Baretta and the iconic character of Mickey in the MGM Little Rascals series “Our Gang“. 

He was doing pretty well professionally until in November 2005 a California civil court found Blake responsible for his wife’s illicit death and he was obliged to pay $30 million. Later that figure was cut down to half, to $15 million. Since then things went downhill for the actor and in 2006 he filed for bankruptcy listing $3 million in liabilities. 

Acquitted of his wife’s murder and later proved guilty!

From the beginning, Blake hadn’t had a successful love life as compared to his career. After he divorced his first wife in 1983 a relationship with Bonnie Lee Bakley ended being one controversial couple in the media. After dating for a few years they got married, until in 2001, Bonnie died for which Robert was found responsible. He has since then been tried and acquitted of shooting his wife Bonnie Lee Bakley

In his defense, he stated that ‘Bonnie was murdered while he was going back to the restaurant where they had just eaten to retrieve his gun.

However, in 2005, a civil court found him guilty of the murder of his wife. Though Blake’s trials, many shocking things were revealed about him. 

According to statements “Blake’s defense team portrayed the aging actor as a rather pathetic figure and argued that Bakley had a pattern of sending letters and nude photos of herself to famous men and had trapped Blake into marrying her by becoming pregnant.”

Started selling drugs at the age of 21 

Robert commenced his acting career in 1939 when he was just 6 years old with the MGM movie ‘Bridal Suite.’ Even though the Hollywood star had a pretty rough childhood he channelized all his energy into his acting caliber. Through his hard work, he was cast for many different iconic roles until he turned 21 and fell into depression, and started selling drugs. 

Finally, in 1956, he improved his lifestyle and became very active in the industry. In that decade, he appeared in various movies and television series. Some of his films include ‘The Purple Gang’ (1960), ‘Town Without Pity’ (1961), ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ (1965), ‘Electra Glide in Blue’ (1973), and ‘Lost Highway’ (1997).


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