Rick Moranis Net Worth

rick moranis net worth
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Things are lately going a little shady for the Canadian actor and one of the ‘Ghostbuster’ Rick Moranis. Rick is one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood being a television and film actor. 

Along with being an actor, he has also worked as a comedian, musician, songwriter, screenwriter, and producer. After making a fortune in acting and being top in the field, in 1997 he decided to take a break from the industry to spend time with his family. Fans were heartbroken and missed him on-screen until he returned signing a sequel of his work ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids‘, called ‘Shrunk‘ after more than two decades. 

There is no doubt in the fact that the 90s icon who raised the standards of acting in Hollywood would worth any less than millions. Let’s unleash his impressive fortune.

Rick Moranis Net Worth is estimated to be $10 million

Rick has earned quite heftily all thanks to blockbusters like “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Strange Brew”, “Spaceballs”, “Ghostbusters”, “My Blue Heaven”, “Parenthood”, “Little Giants”, “The Flintstones” and “I Shrunk the Kids” and its sequels. The list is never-ending and because of which he enjoys a satisfying and fulfilling life. As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be $10 million

Even though he has majored in many other genres other than acting most of his earnings come from the same. However, his career in production have contributed quite generously in the millions.

Rick’s unproven assault suspect finally gets arrested this Saturday.

Last month, Rick was attacked by a New Yorker who came running towards the actor knocked him off, and walked away. this incident luckily was recorded in the camera which showed a man wearing a black “I (heart) NY” sweatshirt hit Moranis with a sucker punch, knocking him to the ground. The 67-year-old was walking near the central park when this unprovoked and sudden assault took place. Fortunately, the suspect was arrested this Saturday by the New York City police. According to statements the name of the suspect is Marquis Ventura and he is 35 years old. 

In a tweet, police said that the suspect had been “apprehended and charged” due to the work of an “eagle-eyed sergeant.

Credit: NBC New York

Highest-earning Actor of the 1980s

Born on April 18th of 1953 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a pure Jewish household Frederick Allan Moranis (birth name) shared an elementary school with the frontman of the rock band Rush Geddy Lee

Amidst attending high school he started his career as a radio jockey. By the late 70s, he along with his Jewish companion started a comedy radio show named “90 Minutes Live,” this is when he discovered his inner comedian. 

His acting journey officially started when he joined the cast of a Canadian comedy sketch show “Second City Television.” Moranis’ popularity through his comedy led to his first film role in the 1983 film “Strange Brew,” and many additional roles soon followed making him the highest-earning actor of the 1980s.


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