George Burns Net Worth

george burns net worth
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It is truly said that legends are not born but made. As we speak about the great works of this late American comedian George Burns. One can not stop but get a little emotional. He was one of the 90s icons and entertained us as an actor, writer, and also a street artist. 

He believed in living a life worth remembering and left an unattainable legacy to look up to. He made quite a livelihood from his time on screen. If one knew George, they could proudly say that he was a remarkable man inside out.  

Burns died on On March 9, 1996, exactly 49 days after his centenary surrounded by his loved ones. He lived a grand life of 100 years and worked until his last days. He became an inspiration for the aspiring and wannabe actors and comedians out there.

George Burns net worth

At the time of death, George Burns net worth was $30 million! This cigar-puffing comedian made a fortune of millions while we laughed at his witty jokes and punchlines. Before his death and according to recent updates he is worth $30 million. Most of his earnings came from entraining on radio, television, film, and in vaudeville.

Burns contributed his nearly 93 years to the show business which the perfect explanation for his millions and proved age is just a number when started his solo career along with his wife Allen being 80 years old. 

Journey from the Stage to the Screen. 

Born in the mid-1860s George was a resident of New York City. He was raised in a giant family of 12 children and his parents. George started developing the habit of smoking cigars when he was just 14 years old and continued to do so until his last breath. After fighting in World War 1 representing the US Army. 

In the late 1920s and 1930s, he shifted from stage to screen. He commenced his acting and comedy career by working in motion pictures.

After the death of George‚Äôs wife Gracie, he started working double shifts to keep his mind involved in something or the other. This was the phase when George produced Juliet Prowse’s NBC situation comedy, Mona McCluskey

His movie list is never-ending. During his tenure in movie buzz, Burns starred in the films The Big Broadcast, International House, College Humor, Six of a Kind, We’re Not Dressing, Many Happy Returns, Love in Bloom, Here Comes Cookie, College Holiday, Winterset, A Damsel in Distress, College Swing, Honolulu, The Sunshine Boys, Oh, God!, Movie Movie, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Just You and Me, Kid, Going in Style, 18 Again!, and Radioland Murders. These were all the best of their times. 


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