Eleazar Gomez Net Worth

Eleazar Gomez Net Worth
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Jose Eleazar Gomez Sanchez is a Mexican actor who features in Mexican Soap Operas and is also a singer of the Mexican pop band EmE 15. Some of his famous series include This Is Silvia Pinal, Amores Verdaderos, Clase 406 among many more. His latest venture being La Mexicana Y El Güero.

He has also gone on to win many awards including the TVyNovelas Award for best young lead actor and an EmE 15 Award.

The actor has had three ventures in the film industry. Two movies, Se equivoco la cigüeña and La última batalla that were released in 1993 and the 2007 movie “Species: The Awakening”.

Eleazar Gomez Net Worth is around $2 Million

As of the year 2020, the Mexican star is estimated to have a net worth close to $1.9 million according to sources. His salary and upcoming projects are still not disclosed.

Eleazer Gomez Latest Controversy

Eleazar has always been in controversies as long as his relationships are concerned. He was dating the famous model, Vanessa Lopez. The couple however split in 2017.

Very recently Vanessa Lopez came out in the open and shared the abusive story she had endured during the relationship.

Vanessa Lopez took to Instagram to post a statement about the abusive relationship she said in her post “Many people already know what happened at the end of my relationship with Eleazar three years ago and there were those who did not believe me, who thought that i just wanted fame or just wanted attention, which seemed ridiculous, because it is a very sensitive issue with which i would never play.”

The model also went on to sympathize with the actor’s current girlfriend who is also a model and goes by the name Stephani Valenzuela. The matter sprung up recently as Eleazar Gomez tried to strangle his current girlfriend and was arrested for the same on the 6th of November 2020.

Vanessa showed her support by making a public statement that said “I sympathize with tefi because i know that she is not having a good time. i hope that it will also be a lesson for you to know that an aggression, however minor it may be, should not be kept quiet because it can have very serious consequences like the ones we are seeing right now.”

Earlier days of Eleazar Gomez

Eleazar Gomez was born on the 29th of May 1986. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico. The details of his father are unknown and his mother’s name is Melisa Sanchez but he has three siblings, Zoraida Gomez who is a Mexican actress, Alizair Gomez who is an actor and Jairo Gomez who is also an actor by profession.


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