Denzel Washington’s Net Worth- Reviewed

There is no one who has a presence as Denzel Washington has on the screen. He’s not only an inspiration to the audience but also almost all the actors and actresses all over. The work ethic and talent he has is extraordinary. But acting is not the only thing he’s good at. He has written many scripts and also has directed and produced his own films. 

Denzel way to Hollywood

Washington debuted in a made -for -television film called Wilma in 1977. And then made a debut in films. And then hi got his first Hollywood film called Carbon Copy in 1981. He also played Private First Class Melvin Peterson in Soldier’s play and for that, he got an Obie award

When he got his popularity

He got famous when he got his big break in drama St. Elsewhere where he played Dr. Philip Chandler. He was the only African American to appeared in this six-year series. He got starred in movies like Hard lessons, Power, and then for Cry Freedom, he received his first Academy Award nomination for supporting actor. Following that in 1989, Washington got his first Oscar for Supporting actor for a film Glory. And then in 1992, he got his Oscar nomination for the portrayal of Malcolm X. He also won his second Oscar as Best Actor for Training Day in 2001. He also showed his talent in famous movies like The Great Debater, American Gangster, Fences

Awards to show his talent

It’s a really big deal to even get nominations in awards when it’s competition between such a great deal of actors. But Denzel Washington always showed his work with a great deal of strength and dignity. He has won a Tony award, also with not one, not two but three Golden Globe Awards. He is also Two times Academy Award winner.

For a movie The Hurricane, where he played Rubin Carter, he won his Golden Globe in 2000. He was the first black actor to win that award after Sidney Poitier. 

After that, he also directed his first film called Antwone Fisher in which he was also starred. Then he also directed The Great Debater. 

Denzel Washington being in Hollywood was a good thing that has happened to film but he was also a big inspiration for all the black actors and actresses out there. He made it seem, it was possible for them to be in movies and do something that they love. 

Denzel Washington net worth

Denzel Washington made 38 million dollars in 2006 and he became one of the highest-paid actors. He made 20 million dollars solely for his role in the film The Equalizer in 2015. And according to, With his acting, writing, producing in 2020 Denzel Washington’s net worth is 220 million dollars. And we can say he has earned each and every penny.

Denzel Washington Net Worth
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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is 65 years old, born on 28 December 1954 in Mount Vernon, New York.

How tall is Denzel Washington?

Denzel Washington 1.85 m tall .i.e 6’1 and weights is around 90 kg or 198 lbs.

How much is Denzel Washington net worth?

As of 2020 Denzel Washington’s net worth is 220 million dollars

How many movies has Denzel Washington been in?

Denzel Washington has worked in more than 50 movies.


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