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$1 Million

What is Annie Sprinkle’s Net Worth?

Annie Sprinkle is an American sex educator, actress, editor, writer, and sex film producer who has a net worth of $1 million. Annie Sprinkle was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July 1954. Sprinkle earned her doctorate in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She is known for being a prostitute and porn star who turned into an artist and sex educator. Sprinkle has done one woman shows for over 15 years. She was working at a ticket booth at a theater where Deep Throat was playing when she was 18. Sprinkle met and fell in love with the movie’s director Gerard Damiano and became his mistress. She started working in porn and her best known film was Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle which she co-directed and it became the 2nd highest grossing porn film in 1981. Sprinkle has appeared in about 200 films which includes soft core and hardcore pornography as well as B movies, documentaries, and TV shows. She has also authored several books. Annie is a self-described ecosexual and married Beth Stephens in 2007.


Annie M. Sprinkle, born Ellen F. Steinberg on July 23, 1954, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has led a remarkable life as an American certified sexologist, performance artist, former sex worker, and advocate for sex work and healthcare. Her journey through life encompasses a wide range of experiences and contributions to various fields.

At the age of five, Sprinkle’s family relocated from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Los Angeles, California. Her early years were marked by cultural diversity and exploration, including a period of living in Panama from ages thirteen to seventeen.

Sprinkle’s life took an unexpected turn when, at the age of eighteen, she began working at the ticket booth of the Cine-Plaza Theatre in Tucson, Arizona, while the infamous film “Deep Throat” (1972) was playing. Her involvement with the director of the film, Gerard Damiano, led to a significant change in her life. She became Damiano’s mistress and followed him to New York City, where she would reside for the next twenty-two years.

A New Identity

As Sprinkle ventured into the world of adult entertainment, she adopted the name “Annie Sprinkle,” a name that came to her “as if from the goddess herself.” Over time, she legally changed her name to Annie Sprinkle.

Her career in adult films began in 1975 with her role in “Teenage Deviate.” However, one of her most well-known mainstream adult film roles was in “Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle” (1981), co-directed by Sprinkle and Joseph W. Sarno, and it became the second highest-grossing porn film of 1981.

Pioneering Work and Innovations

Annie Sprinkle’s contributions to the world of sexuality and adult entertainment are groundbreaking. In 1991, she initiated the “Sluts and Goddesses” workshop, which served as the foundation for her 1992 production, “The Sluts and Goddesses Video Workshop – Or How To Be A Sex Goddess in 101 Easy Steps.” Collaborating with videographer Maria Beatty and featuring music by composer Pauline Oliveros, this project introduced new genres of sexually explicit film and video, such as edu-porn, gonzo, post-porn, and feminist erotica.

She continued to innovate in the field of sexuality, with endeavors such as “xxx docudrama,” “art porn,” and “feminist erotica.” Throughout her career, she produced, directed, and starred in numerous films, addressing themes like female genitalia, women’s desires, and feminist perspectives on pornography.

Activism and Performance Art

Annie Sprinkle’s work extends beyond the screen into the realms of activism and performance art. She gained recognition for her daring performances, including the “Public Cervix Announcement,” where she invited audiences to celebrate the female body by viewing her cervix with a speculum and flashlight. Another notable performance was “The Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute,” featuring a “sex magic” masturbation ritual on stage.

For seventeen years, Sprinkle toured internationally with one-woman shows that challenged societal norms and explored sexuality from various angles. Her performances included titles like “Post Porn Modernist,” “Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn,” and “Hardcore from the Heart.”

Ecosexuality and Love Art Laboratory

In December 2005, Annie Sprinkle and her partner, Beth Stephens, embarked on a remarkable artistic journey called the “Love Art Laboratory.” This project spanned seven years and aimed to explore love through various artistic expressions. As part of this endeavor, they conducted experimental art weddings with different themes and colors each year, marrying elements of the natural world, such as the Earth, Sky, Sea, and Moon. Sprinkle and Stephens have also focused on ecosexuality, which celebrates the connection between humans and the Earth.

Legacy and Recognition

Annie Sprinkle’s work, spanning over four decades, has left an indelible mark on academia and the arts. Her papers, from 1967 to 2010, are preserved at Harvard’s Schlesinger Library. Her influence can be observed in courses at numerous universities, where her work is studied in theater history, women’s studies, performance studies, LGBTQ studies, and film studies.

Annie Sprinkle’s career reflects her identity as a sex-positive feminist and her commitment to advancing a positive and inclusive view of sexuality. Her legacy is one of exploration, innovation, and a dedication to pushing boundaries in the world of art and sexuality.




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