Andy Samberg Net Worth

andy samberg net worth
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David A.J. Samberg is a comedian, actor, writer, and TV producer. He is a member of The Lonely Island which is a comedy musical group and also the star of the hit show Brooklyn nine nine. He has featured in a number of films like Space Chimps, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and the Hotel Transylvania series amongst other films.

Andy Sambreg’s Net Worth stands at $20 Million

According to Celebritynetworth, Andy Samberg has an estimated net worth of approximately $20 Million and he earns an average of $125 Thousand per episode.

A look into the cute relationship between Andy Samberg and his Wife

Andy Samberg is married to the beautiful Multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and actress, Joanna Newsom. Andy Samberg had a crush on her even before they had met, a friend of the couple said, “He liked her music and would go to her shows. He had the biggest crush on her.”

The couple met through Fred Armisen and they dated for five years before they decided to get married in 2013.

Joanna Newsom was blushing as she spoke about her husband and called him, her favorite person in the world and that she would drop everything to hang out with him at any time.

The couple is definitely super adorable together and has an amazing life as well with their daughter who was born in August 2017.

From California to NYU

Andy Samberg was born on the 18th of August in the year 1978. His mother’s name is Marjorie and is an elementary school teacher. His father’s name is Joe and he is a photographer, Andy Samberg has two sisters, their names are Johanna and Darrow. Andy Samberg was raised as a Jewish but he considers himself as not exactly a religious person He found out on an episode of Finding Your Roots in 2019 that Andy Samberg’s mother was actually adopted by Jewish parents and her biological parents were actually of Sicilian Catholic and German Jewish descent. Andy Samberg’s adoptive granddad was an industrial psychologist and Philanthropist.

Andy Samberg grew up being obsessed with wrestling and was devoted to comedy, He graduated in 1996 from Berkeley High School and was interested in creative writing, He was a student at the University of California in Santa Cruz for a tenure of two years and then he decided to get transferred to New York University’s Tisch School of Arts and he completed his course in the year 2000. While he was a student at NYU he shared rooms with the famous writer Murray Miller.


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