Julian Assange Net Worth

Julian Assange Net Worth
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Julian Paul Assange is an Australian editor, publisher, activist, and the founder of Wikileaks. He has also been the center of various controversies.

Julian Assange Net Worth is expected to have a net worth of $400 thousand

According to celebritynetworth, Julian Assange has an estimated net worth of approximately $400 Thousand for the year 2020. His salary however is still under review.

Is Julian Assange’s fight for freedom complete?

Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States has been blocked by the United Kingdom making his fight for freedom far from complete. The editor and founder of Wikileaks have spent over a decade in a prison or in the Ecuador embassy in London. He fought hard but his request to face criminal charges in the United States was turned down by the judge.

His lawyers have decided to fight for bail and hopefully, convince the jury that he should be released. An extradition lawyer, Daniel Sternberg spoke about the issue and said,

“He has a very poor history,’ that’s all prosecutors need to say, Prison authorities would consider him to be a flight risk. He’s likely to be in Belmarsh for the time being.”

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison said that  Julian Assange could return to Australia once his legal issues came to an end.

Growing up and Hacking as Mendax

Julian Assange was born on the 3rd of July in the year 1971 in Townsville, Queensland. His mother’s name is Christine Ann Hawkins and is a visual artist. His father’s name is John Shipton and was an anti-war activist as well as a builder. However, his parents had split even before he was born. Before Julian Assange was homeschooled, he was a student at the Goolmanagar Primary School and the Townsville state high school.

At the young age of just 16, Julian Assange began hacking under a name called Mendax that was inspired by Horace’s splendid mendax-nobly untruthful. It was also rumored that he was involved in WANK hack at Nasa but there has been no proof of the incident.

Julian Assange was a student at the Central Queensland University and the University of Melbourne where he studied programming, mathematics, and physics. However, he did not complete any degree.

Julian Assange’s personal life

Julian Assange’s eldest son was born in 1989 and named Daniel. He is currently a software engineer. In 2015 an open letter to French President Hollande read that Julian Assange had a child in France. Stella Moris Smith Roberston also went on to reveal that she had two of Assange’s sons whose names were Gabriel and Max and that they were born while Julian Assange was stuck in the embassy.


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