Ashley Biden Net Worth

ashley biden net worth
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Ashley Biden is the first daughter of the united states of America as her father, Joe Biden had won the 2020 presidential elections and is all set to take office in the year 2021.

She is someone who has always been on a low profile and doesn’t let fame get to her head. However, she has also been the center of various rumors and controversies. In the year 1999, she was arrested for possession of marijuana in New Orleans.

And according to rumors, she was bailed by her university classmate, Nat Berman and it was said that the bail amount rounded up between $200-$400. But there was no record of her conviction put down in the records. She has also been arrested for obstructing a police officer in 2002 in Chicago.

Ashley Biden Net Worth is estimated around $1 million

According to sources in the year 2020, Ashley Biden stands at an estimated net worth of close to $1 million and had a salary close to $74K-$401K. Her revenue comes in from her profession as an entrepreneur and as CEO.

John Hope Franklin Combating American Racism award

Ashley Biden was born to Jill Biden and Joe Biden in Wilmington, Delaware. Ashley Biden also has a half-sister from Joe Biden’s previous marriage. Her half sister’s name is Neilia hunter she also has a late half-brother Beau Biden.

Ashley Biden was raised in a catholic community. She graduated from Wilmington’s friend’s school and played lacrosse and field hockey. She was a student at Tulane University and she studied cultural anthropology and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania and received the John Hope Franklin Combating American Racism award.

She was also a part of a summer program at Georgetown University.

Ashley Biden’s Husband Howard Krein

In the year 2010, Ashley Biden sparked a romantic relationship with plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist, Howard Krein. The couple got married in 2012 in a catholic-Jewish ceremony at St. Joseph’s church. 

Ashley Biden and her husband are both practicing Catholics and were joined by her father and brother for a private meeting with Pope Francis in 2016.

CEO of a Clothing Line

Although, Ashley Biden was born into a family of politicians she had always been someone who loves to make her own statements. She’s been extremely involved in the fields of fashion and social work.

She first set out on her career path as a managing director of a non-profit group, Delaware center of justice in the year 2014. The company was put up in order to help victims of the legal justice system in the United States of America and is also in memory of her late brother Beau Biden.

Other than this, Ashley Biden is the CEO of her own clothing line called “Livelihood” that was put up in the year 2017.

She was given a donation of $15,000 from the Hamilton group of hotels and resorts for designing the uniforms for the workers as an offshoot for her clothing brand.

Ashley Biden is all set to become the next first daughter of the United States of America and take her place in the white house.


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