ABC’s Martha Raddatz’s Net Worth and Salary Will Leave You Stunned

Martha Raddatz Net Worth
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President-elect Joe Biden recently made a big announcement about his foreign policy and national security. The decision was obviously met with a mixed bag of opinions. This only further strengthens the fact that the country is more divided than it ever was.

While it was expected of FOX News to criticize the entire thing, ABC’s Martha Raddatz went out of her way to praise President-elect Joe Biden. For this, the 67-year-old ABC anchor has received quite a criticism as it is not a journalist’s job to endorse a politician’s strategic decisions.

Martha Raddatz was more than excited about the announcements that Biden made. She went on with her praises as she said,

“This is about the least flashy team you could possibly get.”

Martha Raddatz’s Net Worth is around $15 Million

Who would’ve thought that Martha Raddatz, a college dropout would go on to be one of the biggest names in the world of broadcasting.

Though there is no disclosure of her net worth, based on information from various sources, Martha Raddatz reportedly has a net worth of approximately $15 Million.

Martha is ABC’s Chief Global Affairs Correspondent and has an annual salary of $2.5 Million. In 2017, the ABC anchor purchased a renovated and remodeled home for $2.13 Million.

The three storey home has a screened porch, a deck and private rear yard and three fireplaces.

Martha’s excitement about Biden’s announcement seemed to have no end

President-elect Joe Biden announced that his choice for his director of national intelligence is Avril Haines. He also nominated John Kerry to serve in his administration. Both Kerry and Haines are Obama administration alumni.

Martha Raddatz praised the decision claiming that it’s a breath of fresh air and claimed that the decision is not political in any way. She said,

“They are deeply experienced, they are humble, and they are lifelong public servants. When I look at that group up there and let’s put John Kerry aside because, as we know, he was the Democratic nominee for president once, but they are not political. They are just career people. They have worked together for many years.”

Her stamens were met with criticism because she was accused of twisting facts and serving a narrative friendly to the Democratic administration. After all, Haines served as the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency for the Obama Administration.

Life and Career of Martha Raddatz

Raddatz started off her career with ABC in 1993. She was the chief correspondent at WCVB-TV, an affiliate of ABC Boston. She later became ABC’s Senior National Security correspondent after her groundbreaking reporting from Iraq. Since then Raddatz has switched between several roles. She has been a White House Correspondent during the final term of the Bush administration. In 2008, Marth Raddatz was appointed as ABC’s Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent.


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