A New Update in Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 Series with Android TV: Coming Soon in September

New in News

It is in the news that Android TV’s Pie update is coming up with some popular add-ons with it. It has been conclusively connecting with modern hardware such as the Nvidia Shield in the past few days. Furthermore, it appears like another new update is about to come.

It is almost certain that in September, Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 range is about to accept an Android Pie update.

When it comes to televisions, Xiaomi is a very popular brand in India. Most of the company’s contributions encompass on top of Google’s Android TV program. The company is growing so fast and widely that it is getting a huge customer withing very few time. It has already taken 40% of the total Smart TV market with just two years of sales.

From the developers

From the authentic source of news, it came to a picture that the change is going to happen very soon. XDA-Developers proclaims that the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Pro, 4A Pro, 4C Pro, and 4X Pro will solely be receiving updates. This development to Android Pie will happen sometime in the subsequent month.

This news was validated by Sudeep Sahu. He is the Xiaomi’s Product Manager for the Mi TV entrants. He stated that Xiaomi is about to get these updates as soon as possible. This change will begin with more miniature 32-inch designs such as the 4A Pro and 4C Pro at the first.

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Some more

There are some more that this Android Pie update includes. The updates for these Xiaomi Mi TV standards also quiet incorporates the company’s custom Patchwall adventure. This change runs alongside the TV. 

But working is not done yet. Xiaomi is still operating to make explorations and suggestions more contextual. They are working with Patchwall and Android TV working in together to enhance content identification.

Dates are not officially announced from the company but there is always a way to do so. If someone is a user of MI TV already, they can keep an eye for any changes in the upcoming future. 


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