13 Reasons Why Season 5: Dylan thought the season could see Clay receive visits from his dead friends including Hannah

13 Reasons Why became a juggernaut hit for Netflix when it premiered all the way back in 2017. Originally intended as a limited series, 13 Reasons Why has gone on to run for four seasons, each dealing with ramifications of abuse, trauma, bullying, and violence.

After the premiere of 13 Reasons Why Season 4, only one question remains. Is 13 Reasons Why Season 5 in the works at Netflix?

13 Reasons Why Season 5: Release Date

Will there be a 13 Reasons Why Season 5 on Netflix? Probably not!

Netflix announced when  they were making 13 Reasons Why Season 4, they confirmed it was the final season.

That means , season 4 is the final time we’ll visit the students of Liberty High. To hammer this home, Netflix even released an emotional video playing tribute to the last season of 13 Reasons Why.

13 Reasons Why- major cast returning from dead during lockdown!

The Netflix series’ fourth and final season recently dropped and saw Dylan’s character Clay end up in intense therapy sessions as he battled with a dissociative identity disorder.

He is also devastated by the death of Justin Foley due to complications from AIDS.

While the show’s boss has insisted the fourth season is the last, Dylan has thought of a storyline for a fifth season.

Dylan joked to Variety: “It’s all set in one room. Damn, actually we should have done this.”

He also explained, he remembered speaking to Brian Yorkey, the showrunner, over the course of the first few seasons, saying that he really wanted Clay to be in therapy in season four because he wanted to take a deep dive into what’s actually going on in Clay’s mind.

We see Clay come to terms with what he’s struggling with, being able to say it in front of an entire school at graduation and be able to own it and have an optimistic outlook on life, but we don’t see him recover.

The ending of Season 4 was said to be due to a creative choice, it came after decades of controversy and surmounting calls to cancel the series. 

A version of Jay Asher’s young adult novel of the identical name, the series’ debut season focused on high school students’ wake Hannah Baker’s suicide and the 13 tapes she abandoned for ending her life, explaining her motives.

Since it drew backlash for its portrayal of suicide, together with many slamming the shoe for glorifying adolescent suicide, many studies linked the series to a rise in teen suicide in the months which followed its premiere,


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